The Bally Deluxe Draw Bell is a follow-on machine to Draw Bell (illustrated below). The Deluxe Draw Bell was produced in 1948. After the first spin of the reels, Draw Bells allowed reels to be held and perhaps improved on the next spin only. The Deluxe Draw Bell on a mystery interval would allow a 3rd and more opportunities to hold the reels for improvement. Each spin, of course, was an additional coin. The frequency of the extra draw was plug-adjustable. The non-flash photo attempts to illustrate the colorful, attractive appearance these machines presented in the dimmed clubs and taverns.

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The slots were everywhere in Galveston. Not only were they in the clubs and taverns, but they were in the family-owned grocery stores, drug stores, news stands and restaurants.

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The beachfront amusement areas had large arcades filled with machines, mostly electric consoles. There were Triple Bells, Draw Bells, Keeney Super Bells, and horserace machines such as Evans Bangtails, Evans Winter Book, Buckley Track Odds, Evans Gallopin Dominos (Dice). One-ball payout pinball machines were represented. Buckley and Erie Diggers were flashed with coins--silver dollars, halves, quarters and lots of dimes and pennies.

The Deluxe Draw Bell can be operated as a payout or replay machine. When operated as a replay machine, the Special payout is set for 60 plays. This is because of restrictions on displaying any replays over 99. As a payout machine, the Special is set to 60 or 90.

A Super Special Bell lights on a mystery basis, and aligning three bars would score 400 to 1000 in addition to the 60 or 90 replays or coins regularly awarded. The value of the Super Special was specified on differing award cards. There is an example below. A meter inside the machine records Super Special hits; a second meter records replays cancelled (paid by the house) by pressing the knock-off button on the rear of the machine.

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See a near complete collection of Instruction and Award Cards for the Deluxe Draw Bell.

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