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Brdway.jpg - 78203 Bytes The Bally Broadway introduced the "Magic Squares" in which the four numbers comprising the corners would rotate. This effectively created many "bingo" cards from one card as the player could change the position of the numbers when that feature was lit.

Odds were only one tier, but Red Lines and Yellow Lines in the Card could score Double or Triple if those features were lit.

The Magic Squares games continued with some variations until the Screen games were introduced with Carnival Queen in 1957. The numbers were stationary and the 'land' around the numbers moved.

Number 16 on the playfield was called the Ballyhole, and hit when lit would award 1St Extra Ball.

Corners Score Five-In-Line permitted four numbers to pay as five when the feature was lit.

Pictured below, left is the Control Unit which is responsible for primary timing of the game, The Mixer and Spotting Unit is shown on the right. These two units generate a pseudo random generation of game features and odds. This was all accomplished with relay logic before microprocessors were incorporated into the games.

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