1996 IGT GameKing Video Poker / Video Slot Machine

jackpot 16000 good.JPG - 106544 Bytes

gameking flas pic.JPG - 88675 Bytes IGT 19-inch GameKing with Touch Screen.
Front door open showing access to bill stacker. The bill stacker door is open. This access is for the drop team. There is no access to the hopper; the coin drop container is removed from the Base. front door open.JPG - 82502 Bytes
comparitor.JPG - 106428 Bytes Main door open showing comparitor. The chute beneath the comparitor directs coins into the hopper. When the hopper is filled, the coins are sensed by an adjustable sensor. Coins played are then diverted to the coin drop (the black chute by the speaker) into the base until further payouts lower the level of the coins below the sensor.
meters.JPG - 79988 Bytes The mechanical meters are mounted on the door. The label for the meter not shown is Jackpot x 10.

Accounting is also maintained on Accounting Screens.

The hopper slides out for easy maintenance. You can see the coin level adjustment wire and the holes at different levels for coins.

Above the hopper is the CPU cage. A lock (removed) on the left side secures the CPU. The key on the right enables privileged operations on the machine's Operator Setup Screen. The screen is enetered by pressing a small button on the cage just below the cage lock. It is in a slot that also exposes two pot adjustments and six LEDs.

Above the CPU cage is the input/output board.

To the right is the bill acceptor and cash can enclosure.

To the left of the hopper is the power supply.

Immediately below the hopper is the coin drop chute to the base.

hopper and cpu.JPG - 103705 Bytes
base.JPG - 86199 Bytes Base cabinet stand for the machine includes interior mounted iron hinge and barrel key access.

fever 1.JPG - 92659 Bytes eight-liner slot rwb.JPG - 82914 Bytes Red, White and Blue and pay table. rwb pt.JPG - 128204 Bytes td jp.JPG - 103139 Bytes Triple Diamond and paytable. td pt.JPG - 95581 Bytes keno.JPG - 116660 Bytes Keno screen and paytable keno pt.JPG - 98493 Bytes