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The Silver Sails is an "OK" machine which features a special, higher-odds game
when two numbers are lit in an Orange Section. The value of the game depended on
how high the Green Odds had advanced.

The Gate feature also depended upon the advancement of the Green Odds for value
and was awarded when three numbers were scored in the Purple Section. The screen
moved to the right to expose a Gold Section where two or three numbers lit would score
as indicated.

These machines would accept as many coins as the player chose to "invest" in each game.
The additional coins would advance odds or light additional features on a pseudo random
basis. Using relay logic, these machines accomplished what computers do today.

Demonstration of the Silver Sails See AVI or RM videos of this machine. This link jumps to a different site because I did not have enough bandwidth to incorporate it here. Use your back button to return. Be sure to click on the name 'Silver' to see the Red Letter Game awarded.

Revenue for the machine was controlled by the operator through plug adjustments for certain
features. The machines also incorporated a "Reflex Unit" which reacted to coins or replays played
and winning scores paid. It increased or decreased the numbers of paths to complete circuits
for features and odds.

The Jack Pot is a small, 3-hole Blue Section which will award 300 or 600 replays when the three numbers are
lit. "Two in the Blue Score 600" is the super Jack Pot, however, it does not light up often.

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Read the Korpan Decision that sounded the death knell to the bingo machines.

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