EVANS SHOOTING GALLERIES Twenty Hi-Res Scans of Evans Shooting Gallery catalog pages.
These pages are from a 1939-1940 catalog.
H.C. Evans bought A.J. Smith Mfg. Co. in about 1923. Smith was a large supplier of shooting gallery components and H.C. Evans was able to use the molds and tooling to produce gallery equipment under their own name. The later Smith targets are identical to the early Evans targets. The only way to tell them apart is by the year they were produced (pre or post 1923).

Examples of gallery targets:

The flying dove in the lower right (with the cross pin at the base) was made by W.F. Mangels of Coney Island, NY (usually there is an "M or W" inside a diamond on the back side). The large duck was made by either Smith or Evans (probably Evans) and is a "water" duck. The Evans hollow back ducks were made specifically for traveling through a water tank/pond in the shooting gallery and were cupped on the backside to reduce the splash when they were knocked over. They usually do not have a specific target # like other Evans targets but were ordered by size (large, medium, small). They were available with the head facing left or right to accommodate the different directions of travel.

--Jeff Abendshien

(Mr. Abendshien is writing a book about Antique Shooting Gallerys which may be available late 2004. Details will be posted here when the book is available.)

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