1996 IGT GameKing Video Poker / Slot Machine Setup Screen
The highlighted (yellow) buttons indicate selected items. operator setup.JPG - 62643 Bytes
game setup.JPG - 83028 Bytes This suite of games contains 16 games of which 10 may be presented to the player at one time. There are 53 variations of the 16 games. There are, for instance, four variations of Jacks or Better Poker (each variation is a different payback with a different pay table).

There are four variations of the Triple Diamond Slot Machine with returns of 94.95, 92.58, 90.02 and 87.58 percent. There is no evidence reflected in the pay table indicating at which percentage the machine is operating.

This is the setup screen for Jack or Better Poker where the payback percentage is selected. Other games have similar setup screens to select percentage. job payback.JPG - 77298 Bytes

triple diamond payback.JPG - 77438 Bytes Triple Diamond Slot setup screen.