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     The H. C. Evans Co. was a big player in coin operated machines beginning in the mid 1930's. They competed in the console market against Bally, Exhibit Supply, Pace (Pace's Races) and others. They capitalized on the "spinner" machines dressing out a fundamental mechanism as Galloping Dominoes, a dice game and Winterbook, a horserace theme. Evans also manufactured amusement games (arcade) and juke boxes.

Evans was a mature company entering the coin machine field. Established in 1892, The company manufactured and originated casino equipment and supplies, trade stimulators, pocket novelties, amusement park supplies, fair ground games (carnivals) and shooting galleries. The Secret Blue Book Evans published three catalogs: The Secret Blue Book, Club and Casino Equipment and Park and Carnival equipment. The Blue Book was essentially cards, dice, hustler items, punchboards, trade stimulators, layouts, etc. The Club catalog featured casino tables, wheels, layouts and supplies of all kinds. Controlled equipment is advertised alongside fair equipment. The Park and Carnival equipment cataloged games, shooting galleries and concession supplies such as candy, dolls, etc. Evans Concession Supplies

The company was dissolved in 1955 or 1956. They were succeeded for a while by a company known as Evans Park and Carnival Device Corp. I once had a copy of their 1961 catalog and made several purchases from them.

If you have gambled in the carpet joints (or unfortunately in the steer joints), played carnival games or games at outdoor amusement parks, played cards with friends, shot craps on payday, the chances are great that you have played a Evans game or one originated by them. What I wish to do on these pages are to describe some of the Evans devices that I have used or seen. I solicit input from you also. Please, if you have any Evans equipment, photograph it and describe how it works. I would like to include that information here. EMAIL HERE.

Copies of Evans Catalogs are available in the Download Area

Here is a page of some H C Evans ads in Billboard Magazine and some machnine pictures.

Big Six Wheel Chicago Set Spindle
Pocket Roulette Evans Bee Hive
Chuck Log Evans Pocket Galloping Dominoes
H C Evans Coin Machines in 1940 Catalog Evans Candy Race Track
Evans Standard Casino Gaming Table Evans Zephyr or Thunderbolt Racer
H C Evans Shooting Galleries Evans Pacers Console Slot Machine