PHOTO ALBUM of antique gambling machines. This is a work in progress, so please revisit the Album from time to time.


PHOTO ALBUM OF PUNCHBOARDS; trade stimulators that sold almost anything.

UNITED BINGO MACHINES that paralled Bally's earlier machines.

The Bally Turf King is a one-ball horserace theme pinball from 1950. The Bally Grandstand is the payoff version of Turf King.

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These trade stimulators were very popular
in the '30s and '40s, and the payout percentages to
the player were less than slot machines.
Crooked or keyed punchboards were sold locating most of the
payouts. See the last pages of the K C Card Co Catalog in
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The pinup artwork on many of these boards
by Elvgren, Vargas and others was risque indeed
for those years. Movie stars were popular
on these boards; this is Rita Hayworth.