This is the Razzle Conversion Chart. 

This displays the numbers that can be rolled on the Razzle Board and their point value, if any.  Originally, when it came from the H. C. Evans Co., it was a white sheet of paper.  I used it on the beachfront so I had it laminated.  The heat of that process scorched the paper.

This chart appears briefly in a History Channel television production DECLASSIFIED Godfathers of Havana.

This is the Razzle Board.

In play, the marbles are rolled onto the board.  The agent adds the numbers to a total that is checked on the chart above for any value.

These are some of the cards used to call marks into the game.  Other cards are used as the game  unfolds before the player.  They are "convincers" to establish the mark's greed and keep his interest.

There are many different charts.  The coupons refer to a different chart than the Ten Points chart.

The image at right is from the website CARNIVAL GAMES - THE PERFECT CRIME

Visit this site for information about the razzle and other carnival games.