This glass is usable on a 100-pay machine.  100-Pay means that the odds drum offers directly 100 for 1 odds.  (the machine always keeps the coin that is bet) 

The jackpot selector unit is not used and is replaced on the glass with the large horseshoe just to the left of the odds display.
The Bangtails Winter Book utilizes the jackpot selector.  The jackpot of $5 to $25 for a 5c machine or $25 to $125 for a 25c machine is paid when selector light corresponds to winning horse and red circle appears around winning odds.
The odds drum replicates the first column of odds for each of the seven selections relative to the 100 payouts.

One can see the row of odds above and below the payline.  The red 100's  are visible almost every play of the machine even though they may not be on the pay line.  This is a real attraction for the machine.

The machine uses two payout tubes alternating during a payout.  When paying the 100 award, it sounds like a machine gun.  This bally for the machine is effective attracting other players.
The average payout is 15.666 coins (total of 376 coins in 24 rows on the odds drum.

A 1 in 21 chance of winning 15.666 coins is 74.6% payout. 
Above, twin payout tubes.

Left, scheme for controlling two payout tubes
for larger payouts.
Click Photo to watch machine cycle
Click photo to watch payout solenoids
Coin head showing inertial tilt switch
Coin head showing start switch