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The H C Evans Company of Chicago began production of console slot machines in the mid 30's. This type of machine is referred to as a spinner with a light that spins under the glass coming to a stop to determine the winner. The horserace theme was popular as well as a dice theme called Gallopin' Dominos. The mechanism was the same with a different glass.

These machines returned about 72% to the player, but the percentage could be increased by changing the number of the higher paying jackpot tokens.

evanspayout.jpg - 30754 Bytes A 5-cent machine payed from $.50 to $25.00. A 25-cent machine payed from $2.50 to $125.00.

When awarding a jackpot, the machine pays 30 coins plus a jackpot token which may vary in value. For a 5c machine, the jackpot paid $1.50 in coins plus the $3.50 token as an example.

See and hear a machine cycle with 20-coin payout.

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The Evans Bang Tails with 100 odds on the score boasted a 2nd payout tube. This tube would dispense additional coins to a maximum paid by the primary payout tube to make the total payout 100. evans100ad.jpg - 22127 Bytes This is a glass used on a 100-pay machine. The difference is in the horseshoe at the front center.

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The last console machine made by H C Evans was Saddle and Turf introduced in March 1954, 5 months after the death of company president and CEO Dick Hood. In spite of the non-payout format with actual payment being made over the counter based on "replay" points earned, the machine entered a dead market. The firm folded less than a year later. Saddle and Turf was available with 5c or 10c play. It was available without coin drop if desired. I do not know if it was operated with a remote control box like Buckley's PointMaker. The last of the spinners...

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